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Sip Settings
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Manages the configuration used by the middleware and Command Line Tools.

This script is available in the Sip Clients package which must be installed separately from the SIP SIMPLE client SDK package.
Usage: sip-settings [--general|--account] [options] command [arguments]
       sip-settings --general show
       sip-settings --general set key1=value1 [key2=value2 ...]
       sip-settings --account list
       sip-settings --account add user@domain password
       sip-settings --account delete user@domain|ALL
       sip-settings --account show [user@domain|ALL]
       sip-settings --account set [user@domain|ALL] key1=value1|DEFAULT
       sip-settings --account default user@domain

This script is used to manage the SIP SIMPLE middleware settings.

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c FILE, --config-file=FILE
                        The path to a configuration file to use. This
                        overrides the default location of the configuration
  -a, --account         Manage SIP accounts' settings
  -g, --general         Manage general SIP SIMPLE middleware settings

To use the command line tools you must create at least one SIP account:

sip-settings --account add user@domain password

You can make an account the default account for outgoing calls with:

sip-settings -a default user@domain

Individual settings for the account can be set with:

sip-settings -a set user@domain key=value

To see which per account settings are available, use:

sip-settings -a show

The settings are organized in a hierarchy. Use dotted notation for the keys.
For instance, the outbound_proxy setting in the sip group is written
sip.outbound_proxy. Use the dotted form in the command-line:

sip-settings -a set user@domain sip,

Global settings are arranged the same way; for instance, to change the global
outbound ringtone:

sip-settings -g set sounds.audio_outbound=/path/to/wav
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